2/27/2015 — Rare Alabama 3.1M earthquake near fracking operation — USGS hiding / censoring earthquakes!

Today is a very strange day when it comes to seismic activity.

First, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the far West Pacific..

sumatra feb 27 2015

Less than an hour after the 7.0M in the West Pacific, we saw a 6.0 magnitude earthquake strike near Puerto Rico.  The USGS quickly removed the event, and made no mention of it afterwards!

usgs hiding earthquakes feb 27 2015

Approximately 1 hour after the 6.0M near Puerto Rico, a 2.3 magnitude earthquake struck the East coast in Pennsylvania.

The USGS decided to NOT report the event at all, on any of their feeds.  I wonder why?

Very strange to see data censorship on this scale, all during a time of heavy global unrest.  This is a time where we need to be prepared, and aware, not censored (being kept in ignorance).

usgs hiding earthquakes feb 27 2015a

After the East coast movement, we saw ANOTHER earthquake strike Dallas Texas near the fracking operation which swarmed last month.

The Texas Railroad Commission (who manage the wells in the state of Texas), actually still actively deny that fracking causes earthquakes.

The location of the earthquake in Dallas is directly by an old injection well.


3.1m earthquake texas dallas feb 27 2015

Following all this other activity, we have now seen a 3.1 magnitude earthquake strike Central Alabama, which is located due East  of Dallas Texas, along the edge of the craton.

3.1 alabama earthquake feb 27 2015

This 3.1M event appears to have occurred at what could possibly be a newly developed fracking operation.

Upon close review of the area, there is a truck and earth mover back in the woods nearby this epicenter in what appears to be a pre-planted forest from an old mining operation.  We see these kinds of pickup trucks with yellow earth moving equipment in multiple fracking locations — usually doing preparations for the flat pads which must be present for the drilling rigs to come in to drill vertically.

alabama fracking earthquake feb 27 2015