2/17/2015 — Viewer Fundraiser — VINDICATION on a controversial theory

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February 17, 2015

Vindication comes on a controversial “theory”.

The “theory” is that smaller fracking earthquakes lead to larger fracking earthquakes.    Up until now, I was called a “conspiracy theorist” for saying such wild things!  For saying that one earthquake can lead to another larger earthquake in an adjacent area.

This was denied in the past, now it is proved science!

The USGS has come out confirming everything you were ever told about smaller fracking earthquakes leading to larger fracking earthquakes!

We had to fight hard to get this information out, in the face of deniers, skeptics, and professionals living in a state of ignorance to new findings.   Now here we are in 2015, and we have official confirmation that the USGS just figured something out that you all (viewers/readers) already know.

They’re just now figuring this out. Not knocking them , as it is better late than never.  Here’s to being ahead of the curve 🙂 Maybe someone watched a video or two.


This news comes on top of other recent geophysics findings which confirm everything you were told (in my videos) about induced seismicity.  More earthquakes in Oklahoma than in California — due to fracking.


In other unrelated yet VERY IMPORTANT news, everything you were told (and shown) regarding frequency induced weather was confirmed by experiments done by the US Navy, and in several laboratories.


CIA says they are worried that Russia can control the weather!

How’s that for vindication and proof on weather modification. Wow. Everything I ever told you , now comes out.

Here is a report from db7 that just came out: