2/17/2015 — Major Earthquake unrest underway — multiple large events , and ongoing eruptions

Most recent earthquake update:

The earthquake unrest which was building for the past several weeks has now started to become obvious to the point where even the average person might make note, or the media might report on the growing number of large seismic events taking place.

This graphic below shows the past 7 days of earthquakes magnitude 5.0 and greater (Eastern+Western hemisphere – February 17 2015)

past 7 days of 5.0M and greater earthquakes feb 17 2015

The picture above shows how much movement has occurred in such a short time (1 week).

The whole of the West Pacific has moved on at least a 5.0M level, across over 6,000 miles – from Antarctica to the North Pole – across New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, and Kamchatka Russia.   Multiple 6.0M+ events across the NW Pacific, and several deep earthquakes , in the Asthenosphere across Indonesia to Fiji / Vanuatu.

On the East Pacific, we see the lone 6.8 magnitude event down at the Chile – Argentina border region in far South America, and a single 5.5M event in Mexico.   Mainly we’re seeing (hearing?) silence on the East Pacific.

Silence during a time of global unrest is NOT a good thing.  The North American, Canadian, Central American, and Northern portion of South America all must be under massive stress.

The stress shows as small earthquakes which occur in progression in the OPPOSITE direction than we would normally expect — earthquakes coming from the NW United States pressing to the East!

earthquake craton feb 17 2015

As seen in this graphic above, the North American craton is being displaced by the activity in the Pacific – the plate being put under tremendous pressure from the Atlantic activity.  The graphic shows the progression of earthquakes extends from the Pacific Northwest states, Southeast along the craton “edge” towards Oklahoma, then displacing the Eastern edge of the plate after the pressure becomes too great in the Midwest (usually releases between the Carolinas and New York state).

The large 7.2 magnitude movement seen in the Atlantic is a sign that the pressure from Europe, which itself is coming from the Pacific (from the opposite direction) has now reached back full circle to meet the pressure coming from North America.

The pressure point between Europe and North America is the spot which released this large event.  The Pacific unrest (seen in the below right hand side as a cluster of dark red rings) causes displacement across Europe, resulting in earthquakes during “unexpected” times.

europe movement crust plate 2015 tectonic
Above: Past 7 days of earthquakes 4.0M+ (up to Feb 17 2015) shows earthquakes coming from the Pacific and spilling across Europe towards the release point in the Atlantic South of Iceland. The older earthquakes are darker red.. the younger earthquakes are lighter shades up to white the most recent.


One would hope the main stream media would learn the lessons of the Japan 2011 mega-earthquake.  The primary lesson to be learned from the Japan 9.0 magnitude earthquake was to NOT ignore warning signs of a coming large event.

Just 3 days before the Japan 2011 mega quake, a 7.2M event struck the same area, producing only a small wave, and eliciting a lackluster response from the media, Japanese people, and public authorities alike.

Here is a video of the event from the time, notice the people on the street calmly walking around , not paying any attention to the 7.2 magnitude.



The days after this event, after the 9.0 magnitude struck the same region, people began paying attention to earthquakes again due to the thousands killed, and large areas destroyed.

Move forward to today, here in 2015, and we have the same seismic buildup occurring as we saw in 2011.

As in 2011, there were a series of noteworthy unexpected volcanic eruptions.  At the same time as the multiple eruptions in 2011, a series of earthquakes began building in size, and in number of total events.

Currently in 2015 we are experiencing what appears to be a repeat event – we are seeing multiple unexpected (and rather large) volcanic eruptions in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Japan, Indonesia, Tonga, Russia, and even in Alaska.


Just as we saw in 2011, now again in 2015 we are seeing excessive seismic activity transfer across the Pacific.   The pressure is displacing the North American Craton (plate).

The incoming craton pressure from the Pacific caused several dormant volcanoes to show earthquake activity across California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington state, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico both in 2011, and now again in 2015.

Just as in 2011, we saw pressure build to the point where it caused a single large earthquake on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, now again in 2015 it happens in almost the exact same place (south of Iceland).

Just as in 2011, we saw multiple fracking earthquakes grow in size from 3.0M to upper 4.0M — again in 2015 we see the exact same thing occurring at the exact same locations.

All signs pointing towards a coming (very?) large seismic event in the Pacific.

Just as in 2011 … at the same time we saw multiple volcanic eruptions, dormant volcanic earthquakes, and large seismic events across the Pacific – there was a total denial , and deliberate ignoring of any kind of seismic buildup by the media, professionals, and even emergency officials.

I will not ignore these events.

This now leads me to an earthquake forecast for the next 7 days (from 200am CST February 17, 2015).

We need to be on watch to the area Northwest of the deep Asthenosphere earthquakes in the West Pacific.  The area Northwest of Indonesia.

Also, as mentioned towards the beginning of this article, the similarity to 2011 , with Japan in particular, is something we should not overlook.  The real possibility of a larger earthquake (larger than this current 6.8M) is looming for the area surrounding Japan.

It would be no surprise to see this current 6.8M as a foreshock of a coming larger event in the area.  (SURE HOPE I’M WRONG!)

europe movement crust plate 2015 tectonic asthenosphere

In addition to this region in the West Pacific, we also need to be on SERIOUS watch in the East Pacific for compensation movement due to all of this plate activity occurring on the Western side.

The East Pacific has been relatively silent for the past several days, while being placed under pressure from both the Atlantic AND Pacific plates, which themselves are showing serious movement.

If the Pacific and Atlantic plates are moving, then the plates between those larger plates will move as well.  The areas which have been silent on the West coast of the United States, and Mexico are about to come alive.

We need to watch specific points along the West coast only.

Coast of Oregon, most likely to move first.  Most likely larger than a 5.0M event.  Let’s hope it stays below 6.0!

This will be shortly followed by South California movement near Los Angeles (not salton sea as this area moved on a 5.0M level this past week).

The United States should be displaced (as in past events) from the NW to the SE.. meaning after we see movement on the West Coast, we will see activity pick back up at Yellowstone, several dormant volcanoes, and the fracking operations.

Ultimately we can expect a finishing off of the movement (after all is said and done) with East coast United States movement.  But, first things first….. Pacific is all set to go, lets hope things cool down a bit.

All eyes on the West Pacific, and West coast of the US for the next several days.  If we get out of this with only a few 5.0M events, we’ll be lucky.  We’ll really know how things will be panning out by day 3 of this forecast.