2/14/2017 — Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast — New 7 day watch zones including California + Japan

A new 7 day earthquake forecast was issued at 10pm on February 13, 2017 …. unfortunately youtube killed the live stream in the last 1min of my live broadcast — thus deleting the live stream and not allowing the stream to be saved to my youtube channel like normal.

If it were not for another viewer (and moderator in my chatroom) doing a live recording of my broadcast, we would not have the new 7 day forecast as a video for the public.

Here is the 7 day forecast thanks to coppertropicals:

This is highly unacceptable for this to occur to a live streamer — we need to be able to save our videos after doing the live stream — just like any other live streamer who does broadcasting.      Our broadcasts should NOT be deleted by youtube in the last minute of the broadcast.

If I didn’t know better….. this almost appears to be some kind of foul play intended to prevent viewing of the 7 day forecast.

Above: February 13, 2017 – 24 hours of earthquake activity shows several silent zones, and multiple new deep earthquakes – indicating coming larger earthquake activity over the next week.