2/12/2015 — MORE spraying underway now! Florida sprayed over multiple hours – Rain forms 12 hours later

This graphic says it all.

weather modification florida feb 12 2015

Watch the feed live here (see the most current event as it is happening 4pm EST February 12, 2015):


Late last night, in the evening on February 11 going into February 12, 2015 — a series of planes deposited multiple aerosol trails across Southern Florida.

See last nights event here:


Last night, the spraying event actually caused a storm return to show up on all the weather feeds.

I made a website post AND a video showing this event, and warning for possible “unexpected” storms to develop over the area in the near term (due to the excessive aerosols which actually form into precipitation after they accumulate moisture while floating in the air).

See last nights website post here: https://www.dutchsinse.com/2112015-aircraft-spraying-over-the-whole-of-south-florida-weather-modification-after-sunset/

Watch the video here:

Approximately 12 hours after seeing this spraying event occur, near 1pm EST on February 12, 2015 — now a series of small “unexpected” storms of rain break out over South Florida.

florida sprayed rain forms after feb 12 2015

Along with the new “storms” we also see that ANOTHER spray event us underway currently!!  February 12, 2015 at 1243pm EST currently, here is the RADAR feed for today, which shows the same type of aircraft plume event taking place from the same location.

aerosol chemtrials feb 12 2015 south florida
Above: 1236pm EST a series of new aerosol trails sprayed from jets flying over South Florida , this time not flying anywhere near the Naval Air station, instead flying over the Everglades swamps.


strong cell feb 12 2015 chemtrail spray florida
Above: February 12 2015 420pm EST – screenshot from the weather channel shows another storm designation for these sprayed aerosols – a “storm” on a clear day in South Florida.


Feed of the new aerosol spraying event from Feb. 12 2015 afternoon:




Curious about cloud seeding?


(2hours) Dutchsinse interview on Bromance Radio… by dutchsinse