2/1/2013 — Methane plume from Fracking operation shows as STRONG CELL THUNDERSTORM

A large release / plume , seen on the Brownsville Texas NEXRAD RADAR — February 1, 2013 .  The release is coming from a fracking / injection well operation .. showing as a STRONG CELL THUNDERSTORM on Intellicast .


Still viewable on the live NEXRAD feed here (as of 1230pm central time 2/1/2013)



backdated NEXRAD RADAR feed here:



download the .gif here:



Showing as a strong cell thunderstorm on Intellicast / TITAN storm tracking:



Click below images to view full size:

plume radar strong cell methanea1a

plume radar strong cell methane

plume radar strong cell methanea

plume radar strong cell methanea1