2/08/2016 — Mount Saint Helens struck by seismic unrest — Whole West coast moves from CA to WA

Mount Saint Helens volcano has been struck by a M2.9 (M3.0) earthquake.

In the past 24 hours, the whole West coast has moved from South to North, from the border of California / Mexico @ Salton Sea Volcanic buttes, all the way North to Mount Saint Helens volcano in Washington State.

past 24 hours california feb 8 2016
Above: Past 24 hours of earthquakes M2.5+ in the United States up to Feb. 8, 2016 1200 noon CT.


Worthy to note, both sides of this movement along the West coast to the North and South are locations which are volcanic in nature.

Starting in the North… a M2.9 (M3.0) just struck along the base / flank of Mt. Saint Helens volcano in Washington State.


mount saint helens earthquake feb 8 2016
Above: February 8, 2016 – M2.9 earthquake strikes on the flank of Mount Saint Helens volcano in Washington State.


Move all the way to the South at the California / Mexico border, and we find that a M2.8 (M2.5 revised) earthquake struck at Salton Sea Volcanic buttes, and another M2.8 struck near Cerro Prieto Volcano in Baja across the border.

Salton Sea was elevated to “active” status a few years ago, the same year sulfuric smells were reported to come from the location.  See the video report on Salton Sea here:

Main Stream Media Confirms Possible Salton Sea… by dutchsinse



Cerro Prieto Volcano:


cerro prieto


Salton Sea Volcano/ Southern California:


salton sea volcanic buttes



Overall, this new round of movement occurring over just 1 days time means we need to seriously be on watch off the coast over the next few days for a possible larger event to strike.

Gorda Escarpment North to Vancouver Island BC, be on watch, just in case.