2/07/2015 — Earthquake forecast hit — Deep Asthenosphere Earthquake near Japan

As you were all told to watch for 2 days ago…..watch for a 4.0M to 5.0M earthquake in the Asthenosphere somewhere North near Japan.

Now a 4.5M hits in the asthenosphere just North of Japan in Kamchatka Russia.

4.5m feb 7 2015 earthquake asthenosphere japan kamchatka
Above: February 7, 2015 — An earthquake in the Asthenosphere (320+ miles deep) occurred North of Japan, in the Kuril islands / Kamchatka Russia

2 days ago this warning / forecast was issued :

“I’d also expect to see movement near Japan, but nothing huge, more like one deep asthenosphere earthquake near Japan followed by a swarm of 4.0M to mid 5.0M events over the next several days..”



asthenosphere earthquake feb 5 2015


Just as expected, two days later on February 7 2015, a 4.5M hits Kamchatka @ 327 miles deep (527km) in the asthenosphere


Scientific – Summary


Magnitude / uncertainty 4.5 mb± 0.0
Location / uncertainty 52.843°N 152.763°E± 10.8 km
Depth / uncertainty 527.1 km± 7.4
Origin Time
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 90
Minimum Distance 333.51 km (3.00°)
Travel Time Residual 0.66 sec
Azimuthal Gap 113°
FE Region Northwest of the Kuril Islands (220)


If you look at this graphic below, you will see the THREE deep earthquakes raised high off the planet (an earthquake 3D feature to help see the depth of an event).

These three deep events occurred in the area of semi-melted magma which exists below the plate, but above the mantle.

Any time we see deep movement below, we see larger shallower movement follow within days , shallow movement to compensate for the upwelling of pressure from deep below.

asthenosphere earthquake feb 7 2015


This forecast movement which just occured now proves that the entire Western portion of the Pacific plate has been displaced at a very deep level.

This deep movement we need to watch for a large Pacific earthquake in the near term, or possible a series of 6.0M-7.0M events.

If things start to calm down, we will see a large flurry of 5.0M to 6.0M over the next few days occur BETWEEN the regions which just experienced the deep movement.

Also, now watch the EAST Pacific silent areas for movement finally (as named in the earthquake forecast from February 3rd, 2015.. British Columbia, and Mexico.. West coast USA only two spots to watch).

See the latest earthquake forecast here:

Statistics on the deep events from the USGS here:

4.7M in the Asthenosphere below Fiji:


4.7M in the Asthenosphere below Indonesia:


4.5M in the Asthenosphere below Kuril Islands:


Hopefully things will calm down, but with the recent uptick in volcanic eruptions, dormant volcano earthquakes, plume events along the North American craton, and media censorship of said events, leads me to keep close watch over the next week or so (today being February 7 2015).