2/07/2015 — DORMANT Volcano in California shows movement — Louisiana Butte / Volcano Butte earthquake

Another dormant volcano is showing movement along the West coast.

This newest event occurred at a series of ancient (dormant) volcanic buttes in Central / East California.

The earthquake epicenter was located on the flank of Louisiana Butte, clearly an old dormant volcano (located next to Volcano Butte) near the town of Junction Ranch, CA.

louisiana butte california dormant volcano earthquake feb 7 2015b

louisiana butte california dormant volcano earthquake feb 7 2015a

louisiana butte california dormant volcano earthquake feb 7 2015

This movement near Louisiana Butte comes on the heels of several other dormant volcanoes showing movement.

Make note below of the previous movement just this past week!

7 days ago, on January 30-31, 2015.. the magma chamber at Western Yellowstone started to show movement:

3.4m yellowstone jan 25 2015

6 days ago, on February 1, 2015… The dormant unnamed volcano at the border of Arizona and New Mexico showed movement:


5 days ago, on February 2, 2015… The dormant unnamed volcanic buttes in NW Nevada showed movement :

ancient volcanic rift nevada earthquake

4 days ago, on February 3, 2015… Crater Mountain in California showed movement  :

crater mountain dormant volcano earthquake feb 3 2015


Three days ago, on February 4, 2015.. Cerro Prieto / Salton Sea Butte volcanoes saw movement:

butte full of shit commenter feb 4 2015

2 days ago, on February 5, 2015… Utah saw movement at the Black Rock Desert Volcano Cinder Peaks:

utah dormant volcano earthquake feb 5 2015


Today, February 7, 2015 … movement at Louisiana Butte / Volcano Butte in California.

louisiana butte california dormant volcano earthquake feb 7 2015b

Information on this earthquake from the USGS:

Scientific – Summary


Magnitudeuncertainty 2.7 ml± 0.2
Location 36.038°N 117.591°W
Depthuncertainty 1.9 km± 0.6
Origin Time
Number of Stations 33
Number of Phases 52
Minimum Distance 9.49 km (0.09°)
Travel Time Residual 0.24 sec
Azimuthal Gap 42°
FE Region Central California (40)

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