6/27/2015 — India border hit by noteworthy M5.7 Earthquake — Forecast area hit

A fairly large M5.7 earthquake has struck at the India / China border region.

india border earthquake june 27 2015


This earthquake was forecast to occur on June 22, 2015, a 7 day warning was issued, today is day 4-5 of the warning.

We were expecting to see a 5.0 – 6.0 earthquake strike the India / China Eastern border area, now the area has been hit DIRECTLY in the warned location by a M5.7 event.

See the warning for the area in the earthquake forecast video here:


Information on this M5.7 earthquake from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 5.6 mb± 0.0
Location/uncertainty 26.680°N 90.389°E± 8.2 km
Depth/uncertainty 10.0 km± 1.8
Origin Time
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 84
Minimum Distance 191.69 km (1.72°)
Travel Time Residual 0.79 sec
Azimuthal Gap 36°
FE Region Assam, India (317)


6/27/2015 — Rare M5.2 Earthquake strikes Egypt / Israel — “Dead Sea Fault” system

A very rare (and rather large) magnitude 5.2 earthquake has struck Northern Egypt near the Jordan / Israel border along the Dead Sea Fault zone.

In an ironic twist of fate, the earthquake occurred at the exact reported location where Moses crossed in Exodus from Egypt when God parted the waters of the sea.

egypt m5.2 earthquake june 27 2015


The actual location of the earthquake falls in the Gulf of Aqaba, in the South Sinai Negev Deserts.

Worthy to note the very large volcanic fields to the Southeast, and also (unmarked volcanic buttes) across the Gulf of Aqaba to the West , which are interlaced with the mountain range.

egypt m5.2 earthquake june 27 2015a


There is not much earthquake activity in this region normally, thus to see a 5.2 strike this area in particular, leads to a supposition on my part that this may be related to the large volcanic complex to the South, and runs along the fault line seen in the Gulf of Aqaba, North through Israel / Jordan.

The earthquake occurred along the “Dead Sea Fault”.  Also known as the “Dead Sea Transform”.




UPDATE June 27, 2015 535pm CDT:

Ironically, several viewers reported this is the historically known location of where Moses supposedly crossed the Red Sea after God parted the waters.

I just checked, and indeed it is the EXACT spot that historical legend reports!




Wow, really?! Angels DO play this HAARP…


Information on the earthquake from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 5.2 mb± 0.1
Location/uncertainty 29.025°N 34.698°E± 9.3 km
Depth/uncertainty 11.1 km± 4.0
Origin Time
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 48
Minimum Distance 266.16 km (2.39°)
Travel Time Residual 0.89 sec
Azimuthal Gap 82°
FE Region Egypt (553)