12/28/2015 — NW California Struck — M4.8 Earthquake hits inside warned zone @ Gorda Escarpment

A magnitude 4.8 earthquake has struck off the shores of Northwest California along the Gorda Escarpment.

M4.8 earthquake gorda dec 28 2015


We were watching the Gorda Escarpment for upper M4.0 activity to strike this week.

Two different warnings were issued this past week for upper M4.0 to lower M5.0 earthquake activity to turn up off the shores of NW California.

First, a video warning was issued a week prior, specifically calling for upper M4.0 to lower M5.0 activity to strike the Gorda Escarpment.

See the video warning here:  United States forecast begins at approximately 10min:


The second warning was issued yesterday (December 27, 2015).

An updated warning was issued for the coast of California to see a larger M4.0 earthquake strike over the next few days.

Here is text of the warning :

West Coast / California earthquake Warning / Watch:

ANOTHER Volcanic earthquake along the West coast — This now makes FOUR different volcanoes struck in the same amount of days (4 days time)… all along the West coast in California.

Keep watch for greater possible movement in the near term.

Get the word out to the people on the West coast — almost every time we see the ancient / dormant volcanoes show movement, we usually see followup larger movement within days.”



The warnings for coastal movement along NW California were issued based upon a series of M4.0+ earthquakes which struck at a multiple dormant (ancient) volcanoes along the CA/NV border to the East.

As the text warning said yesterday, almost every time we see larger earthquakes strike the dormant volcanoes along the interior of the West coast, we usually see larger earthquakes follow up OFF SHORE within a few days.

If you look at this graphic showing the past 7 days of earthquake activity (M4.0 and greater) you will see that the only areas which showed movement are actual dormant volcanoes.

past 7 days earthquakes dec 28 2015

For proof that each of these above locations is an actual ancient volcano, see the full post with all the links / screenshots here:

The dormant volcanoes on the interior of the West coast showing movement beforehand is a warning sign of coming larger near term seismic activity at a nearby adjacent fault.

The pressure coming from the NW along the adjacent Juan De Fuca fault is obviously causing displacement at the weak points to the SE along the border of Eastern California where the ancient / dormant volcanoes magma chambers meet the upper crust — a natural weak spot where the pressure releases.

All the events over the past were were a warning sign that pressure is building in the area surrounding the dormant volcanoes.

The seismic pressure must be giving way at the weak spots (magma chambers of ancient volcanoes), then after the pressure builds to the point where the release cannot be handled by the ancient magma chambers, the pressure backfills (quickly – within days) and causes a single larger earthquake at the fault which is/was ultimately causing the pressure to begin with — the fault off the coast to the West.

The fault to the West (Gorda + Juan de Fuca) both are actually being displaced themselves, being moved by activity far below the Pacific plate — movement in the Asthenosphere.

THE WHOLE NORTH AMERICAN PLATE is being moved from the Northwest to the Southeast by this deep Pacific plate activity — thus, now that we’ve seen a near M5.0 off the coast of California, we can now expect a series of noteworthy earthquakes along the edge of the craton to the East.


The states along the orange edge of this above diagram are the states which need to be on watch this coming week……Wyoming / Idaho, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Madrid / Missouri Illinois, and several states along East coast should all show movement in the next few days that is noteworthy as a result of this pressure transferring EAST from the West coast.