12/27/2015 — West Coast Volcanic Earthquakes — Flurry of M4.0 to M4.9 strike California Volcanoes over a few days time

After the M4.3 volcanic earthquake which struck this afternoon in Southern California, now we see that ANOTHER M4.9 event has struck off the shores off the West coast / Baja Mexico.

m4.9 earthquake california dec 27 2015a



The graphic below shows the past 7 days of M3.9 and greater earthquakes.  It should stand out as obvious (at this point) that the only locations to be struck were volcanic locations.

last 7 days of m3.9 and greater dec 27 2015

Each M4.0+ earthquake seen above, which struck over the past 7 days (up to December 27, 2015) occurred directly at a volcano, or volcanic field… even the events off shore.

This is proof that things are on the move BELOW the plate, and further movement in adjacent areas can be expected in the near term.  This was discussed several days ago as a real possibility to occur this week — now the volcanic movement has occurred as expected.

See the earthquake forecast for California here:

The earthquake forecast video seen above (issued last week) specifically warned for M4.0+ earthquakes to strike at dormant volcanoes located at the California / Nevada border, and offshore to the NW and SW.

A post was made on each M4.0+ earthquake which occurred over the past several days, see each volcanic earthquake documented  here:

Bitner Butte volcano at the far Northeast California / Nevada border was struck.

Steamboat Springs volcanic field at the Central Eastern California / Nevada border was struck.

Mono Lake Supervolcano / Inyo Craters at the Central Eastern California / Nevada border (just South of Steamboat Springs) was struck.

Black Mountain / Opal Mountain volcanoes at the Southeastern California / Nevada border was struck.


Moving forward to the M4.9 which just struck off the coast of Baja Mexico / West coast…. the location in question which was just hit is also volcanic in nature.  Literally the earthquake occurred inside an undersea volcanic field.

 m4.9 earthquake california dec 27 2015

In the above screenshot from Google Earth, we can see at least one well defined crater within 20-30 miles of the earthquake epicenter (via sonar view ).

The other low resolution circular / cone shaped peaks seen rising off the ocean floor are most likely also undersea volcanoes.


Information on this M4.9 earthquake from the USGS:


Magnitude/uncertainty 4.9 mb± 0.1
Location/uncertainty 25.692°N 120.930°W± 11.0 km
Depth/uncertainty 10.0 km± 2.0
Origin Time
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 109
Minimum Distance 801.61 km (7.20°)
Travel Time Residual 1.43 sec
Azimuthal Gap 213°
FE Region North Pacific Ocean (611)