12/24/2015 — West Coast Volcanoes struck by multiple Earthquakes — Unrest Brewing

A volcanic field associated with the Mono Lake Supervolcano in California has now been struck by a M4.0 earthquake.

Yesterday (December 23, 2015) a full website post was issued here on the Dutchsinse.com website regarding a different M4.4 earthquake which struck at Steamboat Springs Volcanic field (located at the Northeast California / Nevada border near Reno, NV).

Move forward 1 day to today ( December 24, 2015), and now ANOTHER M4.0 earthquake has struck at a different volcanic field due South of Steamboat Springs Volcano, directly along the Central Eastern California / Nevada border.

Obviously unrest is brewing below the Western portion of the Craton.

m4.0 earthquake volcano california dec 24 2015

This now makes two M4.0+ earthquakes at the California / Nevada border in the past 24 hours — BOTH of which struck near long dormant volcanoes.

These two volcanic locations which haven’t erupted in over 10,000 years are now showing seismic activity…. this means greater pressure on the plate is building along the West Coast (offshore).

The two volcanoes in question are: Steamboat Springs Volcanic field, and directly between Crater Mountain and Inyo Craters / Mono Lake Supervolcano.

california volcanoes earthquake december 24 2015 M4.0
Above: M4.0 earthquake strikes East California at the Nevada border near Inyo Craters / Crater mountain / Mono Lake supervolcano on December 24, 2015 — 1 day after a M4.4 struck Steamboat Springs volcanic field due North (also along the CA/NV border).


As was said yesterday, when the M4.4 struck Steamboat Springs volcano, the earthquake forecast video issued 6 days ago called for new M4.0+ earthquake activity to strike at the California / Nevada border.

Now over the past 24 hours leading up to Christmas eve (Dec. 24) we see that the expected movement has occurred directly at two different volcanic locations.

This is proof the the seismic pressure does indeed show signs of developing BEFORE the release occurs, and because of these signs we need to keep watch off the West coast for more movement to occur over the next few days, going into the new year.

See the earthquake forecast video here below… calling for new movement to strike at the California / Nevada border — telling people to watch the dormant volcanoes in particular:


Information on this earthquake from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 4.0 ml± 0.3
Location/uncertainty 37.410°N 118.511°W± 0.3 km
Depth/uncertainty 7.6 km± 0.7
Origin Time
Number of Stations 34
Number of Phases 33
Minimum Distance 7.63 km (0.07°)
Travel Time Residual 0.06 sec
Azimuthal Gap 63°
FE Region Central California (40)