12/13/2015 — 24 hr Earthquake progression across over 6,600 miles of the West Pacific — Japan at Center

A noticeable progression of earthquakes centering around Japan has occurred over the past 24 hours (up to 1045pm CT 12/12/2015).

The movement appears to be centered around North Japan at the border of Kamchatka Russia.

Seen in the graphic below, a large displacement is taking place from the far Southwest Pacific (Indonesia) across Taiwan, Japan, Kamchatka Russia / Kuril Islands, finally terminating in the Aleutian islands of Alaska.

24 hours of earthquake progression west pacific december 12 13 2015

The earthquakes on each “side” of the movement are both M4.4 events, with a direct line measurement of 6,616 miles (10,647km) between both points.

This graphic from google Earth shows the direct line measurement in miles, clearly the whole West Pacific showed movement in just 1 days time.

distance between plate movement december 12 2015

Between both points across the West Pacific we see that a progression of M4.4, M4.5 earthquakes struck almost equidistantly spaced — growing in magnitude around the region of North Japan / Kamchatka Russia.

[The actual distance of the plate boundary in question is much greater than 6,600 miles due to the bending of the plate boundary — if we’re being precise about the movement, the distance should include 500-800 miles if you count the small twists and turns the faults make going from Indonesia to Alaska.]

This could be pointing towards a larger Pacific event in the near term if the pressure does not transfer elsewhere to release.


The earthquake forecast video issued for this week covered the area of the West Pacific, specifically calling for large earthquakes to strike two regions — one region named was the area around Papua New Guinea / SE Indonesia (which was hit by a M7.0 earthquake a few days ago), the other location in the West Pacific which was named out to watch for larger movement was Japan.

Japan is now showing noticeable movement on all sides.


As was mentioned above , a large earthquake already struck one of the locations warned in the forecast video:

m7.0 silent area papua new guinea dec 9 2015
December 9, 2015 – Large M7.0 (m6.9) earthquake strikes one of the warned areas in the West Pacific.


After already seeing one of the locations hit by a M7.0 earthquake (Indonesia), like clockwork the pressure has spread out across the whole West Pacific region, and now we see Japan at the center of a plate wide movement event.

Let’s hope that’s all she wrote on this movement, that the pressure spreads out, and things quiet down…. right now, unfortunately, things appear to be building up to a larger Pacific earthquake in the next few days into this coming week.

See the full earthquake forecast video calling for Northwest + Southwest Pacific activity at these locations:


The progression of earthquakes is being caused by the ultimate upwelling pressure from BELOW the Pacific plate.

As described in the above video, the deep movement from below the plate several day ago (December 7-8) has now caused the large M7.0 in Indonesia, and the progression of earthquakes from Indonesia spanning across Japan into Alaska.

Summed up, the deep M5.8 earthquake from 5-6 days ago, shown in the above video, caused a shallow M7.0 earthquake in Indonesia, which then displaced the whole Western portion of the plate – causing the progression of earthquakes we are currently talking about.

The earthquake forecast video fully explained how a deep earthquake causes a shallower larger earthquake, which then displaces the plate, causing other large earthquakes within days of the whole process of movement beginning from DOWN BELOW the plate.

Everything talked about in the video is happening now.   Earthquake progression across vast distances cannot be denied by Geologists / Seismologists any more.   At this point, this should be enough proof.

The past examples of plate wide progression of earthquakes which I have documented can be found here: