12/17/2017 — Fresh lava rock washing ashore in Northwest California — HD Pictures

Over the past week a series of volcanic events has taken place off the Northwest coast of California.

First captured on visible satellite imagery, a series of volcanic plumes appeared to the West of Eureka, California , and San Francisco, CA.

See the video recorded live as the plume was discovered on December 11, 2017:


After the volcanic plume appeared the video reached my viewers on the West coast who live in the immediate area near Eureka, CA.

One family in particular (Deb Mazzone + family) went out to the beaches along the coast of Orick, California (near Eureka), and found many fresh deposits of lava rock washing ashore just East of the plume location.

The viewers who collected the specimens immediately shipped the rocks here to Missouri for an inspection to be done on our live stream.  See the live stream package opening of the rocks here:



Upon review of all the contents sent, there is no doubt the rocks are from recent undersea volcanism off the coast nearby Northwest California.

All of the pieces sent consist of black, red, gold, mahogany colored Trachylite / Obsidian mixed with Scoria (lava rock), and pumice.  Each piece additionally has mixed in sand, and shells hardened into the volcanic glass, and scoria rock.

Several of the pieces are young enough to still have glass webbing inside the popped bubbles of obsidian (trachylite) , meaning they were not pounded by the ocean very long, or weathered very much , indicating a mainly young origin to the rocks in question.

Here are multiple high resolution pictures showing most of the specimens sent: