11/27/2015 — East Coast New York Earthquake — Rare M3.7 strikes New York / SE Canada border

Just as we were expecting, as the earthquake forecast called for, a rare moderate M3.7 earthquake (M3.4 revised) has struck the East coast near the New York / Southeast Canada border (Ottawa).

new york earthquake nov 27 2015


The earthquake forecast video specifically talked about the possibility of M3.0 to M4.0 earthquakes striking the East coast (New York into Southeast Canada ) this week.

Now a M3.7 has struck New York / Southeast Canada after a long period with no noteworthy earthquake activity in the area.

See the earthquake forecast video here: Talking about New York and a M3 to M4 striking at approximately 12min 15sec forwards:


As the video above explains, the reason we were watching New York for a M3.0 to M4.0 earthquake is due to something that I have been teaching my viewers for several years (something which professionals came to my pages to deny).

Pressure is transferring across plates in the OPPOSITE direction than we are told plates actually “move”.

The craton (plate) is moving from the West to the East — contrary to what is taught in modern Geology / Seismology.   The common teaching is that the mid-Atlantic ridge is spreading, causing the North American plate to be pushed WESTward.

In reality, the opposite is taking place currently.  Pressure has transferred across the North American plate over just a few days time, causing earthquake swarms along the way (as the pressure transferred from the Pacific Northwest, to Oklahoma, then to the New Madrid, finally to the East coast where it releases at the craton edge weak point.

This graphic below speaks a thousand words towards the documentation of the craton earthquake progression from W to E.

nov 28 2015 earthquakes progress
Past 7 days of M2.5+ earthquakes in the United States (up to Nov 28 2015 1210am CT) shows the progression of earthquakes from the West coast to the East coast.. oldest earthquakes in Red, youngest earthquake in Green, past 24 hours of earthquakes in White.. clearly the West coast moved first, then the midwest, then the East coast



I explained the earthquake progression across the plate in my most recent earthquake update video:


Information on this earthquake from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 3.7 ml± 0.4
Location 44.961°N 74.719°W
Depth/uncertainty 3.3 km± 3.5
Origin Time
Number of Stations 18
Number of Phases 22
Minimum Distance 21.56 km (0.19°)
Travel Time Residual 0.24 sec
Azimuthal Gap 112°
FE Region New York (472)