11/25/2014 — Saint Louis Missouri spirals out of control — Ferguson BURNS

After a night of reporting on HUNDREDS of shooting incidents, showing dozens of businesses burned to the ground, hearing about rioting looters taking over multiple sections of the city, and even groups of protesters coming down to my neighborhood on the South side of St. Louis (to try to start problems)……

Now, one graphic sums it all up….

ferguson november 24 2014


See my facebook page for a full recap of events on a play by play, every 5-10 minutes throughout last nights rioting.


Ferguson has been destroyed.  Surrounding cities severely damaged, and people have now been shot (by other people not police).

NO shots fired by police.

On the other hand, over 150 gun shots made at police, and person on person.  Multiple home burglaries, store robberies, and assaults done by looters/rioters/protesters.  One reporter hit in the head with a brick, another with a large rock.  Several police cars destroyed.

The National Guard has now been deployed in Ferguson, and is patrolling randomly around the area, including areas far from the actual unrest.

For the record, I am an outspoken critic of the “police state”, and 100% opposed to the New World Order.   I’m a lifelong equality supporter, fighting for rights of minorities for years.   I’ve literally FOUGHT nazi skinheads (no joke).

Also, for the record, as a person who grew up in Ferguson, and who lives in St. Louis City, I’m sickened by the number of people who turned out to do harm to other citizens.

Harm other people, steal their things, and destroy businesses because you don’t like a legal ruling by the powers that be?  A grand jury decision doesn’t go your way, and you want to burn down the city?

(shame on rioters and looters for shooting at firemen trying to stop huge fires being started)

330am CST November 25 2014: Advanced Auto Parts burns out of control as firefighters struggle to fight dozens of structure fires at businesses / homes across the North County Saint Louis area. Firefighters reported taking GUN FIRE while trying to put out large chemical fires in the auto store, like TRUE HEROS stay on the job in the face of such adversity.

The grand jury are FELLOW CITIZENS.. not the police or NWO.  Not all white , and weighing all the facts / evidence.    What sense does burning down North County make?   How is that justice for Michael Brown?

I’m saddened to report that I’m more fearful of my fellow citizens destroying my life, and property than I am of the NWO doing so… at least at this point it appears the people are more lawless, and care LESS about my rights than the NWO.

It’s a sad day when “dutchsinse” can call his fellow citizens fascist lawless tyrants — you’d think I’d be worried about police state kicking in my door with the things I cover, rather I’m looking out my window for groups of zombie citizens.

Zombies using Michael Brown as an excuse to steal things, and destroy property that has nothing to do with Brown, or “justice”.


Above: Within an hour of the announcement that Officer Darren Wilson would not be charged , a white male protester (wearing a bandana over his face) started the first police car fire.


ferguson downtown nov 25 2014
Above: 330am CST November 25, 2014 — Downtown Ferguson view from helicopter of burned out building being cleared by firefighters


auto tire
Above: 340am CST November 25, 2014 — AutoTire in downtown Ferguson looted, burned, and then surveyed by firefighters after the area was cleared



ferguson downtown
Above: 330am CST November 25, 2014 — A small portion of downtown Ferguson Missouri, seen via live helicopter stream, multiple businesses burned, or still burning. (right) Yard fires started back in subdivisions behind the main street of W. Florissant in Ferguson.