11/12/2017 — VERY LARGE M7.6 (M7.2) Earthquake strikes Mideast — Iran / Iraq border — EUROPE ON WATCH

An extremely large M7.6 (M7.2) earthquake has struck the Iran / Iraq border in the middle east.

Full video update here:


November 12, 2017

Seven days ago a week long earthquake warning was issued for Iran to be on watch for larger than normal earthquake activity.

Quote the warning for Iran issued November 6, 2017:

“The middle East must watch near Central Iran for upper M5.0 to lower M6.0 earthquake activity this week due to a HIDDEN M6.3 earthquake which struck China, and was deliberately ignored by the USGS.”

Today, 7 days later, a very large M7.6 (M7.2) earthquake has now  struck the Iran / Iraq border.

This large earthquake in Iran is over 1 full magnitude larger than we were expecting.


As we said in the video warning issued for Iran, we want people to have an earthquake plan for at least 1 magnitude larger than the forecast calls for.

Today’s earthquake is the exact reason we tell you to have a plan for something larger to strike, just in case the seismic power is greater at the warned location.