11/08/2015 — Major Seismic Unrest taking place across the Pacific Plate

The past 7 days of United States earthquake activity M4.0 and greater shows the WHOLE Western to central portion of the craton (plate) moved on at least a M4.0 level.
past 7 days of m4.0 earthquakes nov 8 2015
This graphic shows the past weeks earthquakes M4.0+ up to November 8, 2015:
The past 7 days of M2.5+ earthquakes in the USA shows that the WHOLE craton was indeed displaced from West to East along the unsubducted “edge” of the plate.  The multiple large earthquakes to the West caused movement to the East across several thousand miles of the plate.
past 7 days of m2.5 nov 11 2015
The earthquakes spread out across multiple areas of the United States as the pressure transferred Eastward – defying all the rules of geology + seismology (which says small earthquakes don’t transfer across thousands of miles, and which says the plate moves from EAST to WEST).  

Contrary to what is taught, movement is happening from West to East instead of East to West!
We are still expecting new noteworthy movement in the West – expecting a new large earthquake to strike the West coast this week. We are on day 6-7 of the week long watch.
Nothing striking in the Pacific Northwest to compensate (yet) means pressure is building in this “silent” location.
It has been a full week since anything has struck the area of noteworthy size — with all the other activity taking place around the Pacific — the need to keep watch, and be prepared is obvious.
You don’t need me to tell you that when you see multiple large earthquakes occurring around the Pacific, when you see the whole Western portion of the North American plate move on a M4.0+ level — all occurring in less than 1 weeks time …. this means we need to be on heightened alert in the areas which have not yet moved.

November 3, 2015 — Large earthquake strikes near the Eruption Mount Rinjani Volcano:

papua new guinea m6.3 nov 3 2015

November 7, 2015 — Multiple large earthquakes strike Chile:
south america earthquakes nov 8 2015
November 8, 2015 — Multiple large earthquakes strike Indonesia:
indonesia nov 8 2015


New eruptions in the Pacific this week tell the tale of building seismic stresses around the whole plate.

Fuego Volcano erupted in Guatemala:

Rinjani Volcano erupted in Indonesia:

Eruption at Lascar Volcano in Chile:

D0CXX9 Volcan Lascar Spews Ash into the Atacama Sky



Multiple new eruptions, and multiple large earthquakes across the whole Pacific plate over just a few days time means the far NW Pacific (Japan), Papua New Guinea, and the West coast of the USA should all show movement soon.

 I would hope for moderate swarms like the M4.0’s which struck the West coast USA this week, as opposed to a single larger event.  Do not rule out a single larger earthquake.  Better to be prepared, just in case.
I was expecting a single larger event, but instead the swarm of M4.0+’s struck… let’s hope something similar occurs in the Pacific Northwest + Japan. No way that the PNW and Japan will remain silent in the face of all the other movement (in my opinion that is to say 🙂 )
Don’t be scared , be prepared. Being prepared means keeping track of (and knowing) which spots are showing movement, and which spots SHOULD show movement soon.
The spots which should show movement are the already earthquake prone areas which have been recently silent.
The larger the movement in adjacent areas, the larger the movement should be in the SILENT areas which have not yet shown activity. This reduces the watch zones tremendously, and the zones which should be hit are usually hit withing days to a week of the other larger movement taking place.
These swarms of M6.0 and M5.0 in the East + West Pacific along with the multiple volcanic eruptions this week — means the plates are in flux, and the movement should be larger rather than smaller.

Here is the earthquake forecast issued on November 1, 2015 – compare to the areas which were actually hit this past week: