11/06/2017 — Global Earthquake Forecast — MAJOR ACTIVITY coming again this week — Be prepared

This weeks 7 day earthquake forecast is now complete,  multiple new warnings have been issued, including areas of the West coast of the USA, Japan, Asia, and Europe :


November 6, 2017

We begin another week with another earthquake forecast which covers most locations on the planet.

As we saw last week, again this week there appears  to be another “deep earthquake event” taking place.

Deep earthquake “events” are a situation when multiple deep earthquakes occur below the Pacific plate, which leads to shallower larger earthquakes approximately 1-2 magnitudes LARGER than the deep event which sets the area into motion.

Above: Nov 5-6, 2017 – Multiple new deep earthquakes (seen raised high off the earth for easy identification) have struck the West Pacific. Deep earthquakes usually lead to shallower larger earthquakes nearby the deep events, and parallel across the plate from the deep earthquakes.


It is now confirmed that new deep earthquakes have spread out across the West Pacific as was discussed in the above earthquake forecast video.

For the past 48 hours, November 5-6, at least two new deep M5.0+ earthquakes have occurred, and at least two M4.0+ deep events struck near the same locations at Fiji, and Indonesia.

Areas in the West Pacific need to watch for new large earthquake activity with magnitudes ABOVE what the deep events are.  Therefore expect M5.4+ earthquake activity to strike the silent zones near Fiji, and Solomon Islands.

Magnitudes could go larger than M6.5, possibly into the M7.0+ range.  The earthquakes could be larger this week than they were this previous week (due to the new deep earthquakes being larger in size).

Expect M4.0+ earthquake activity in Central New Zealand, with M5.4+ activity in the Kermedec islands North of New Zealand.

West Pacific Sumatra Indonesia, keep watch for M5.5 to M6.5 activity to strike near Krakatau Volcano, near the bay which it resides.

Northwest Pacific / Philippines + Guam must watch THREE different locations for M5.5+ activity South of Taiwan near North Philippines, Guam – near the bend in the plate boundary, and  Northern Japan near the Kuril Islands.    All three locations should receive approximately the same sized earthquake activity, locations could go larger than M6.0 in magnitude.

The middle East must watch near Central Iran for upper M5.0 to lower M6.0 earthquake activity this week due to a HIDDEN M6.3 earthquake which struck China, and was deliberately ignored by the USGS.


Hidden M6.3 earthquake information from the European agency:




Station magnitude : M6.33

Origin time : 2017-309:

Latitude / Longitude: 36.31 N , 93.68  E

South Europe / Mediterranean region should keep watch for M5.0 to M6.0 earthquake activity to strike between Greece and Turkey (North of Crete, near Lesbos Island).

Eastern Europe keep watch between Bosnia, and Romania for M5.0 earthquakes to develop.  There should be at least two events striking, one location near Western Bosnia, the other location near Romanias eastern edge.

Italy should watch this week for earthquakes between M3.9 to M4.9 from Campobasso, to Norcia.  Additionally, Italy should watch far to the North near the Swiss border for the same sized activity which strikes the South.   Both the Northern and Southern portions of Italy should be impacted this week by M4.0 range earthquakes.

Northern Europe should be on watch near the English channel for approximately 1 magnitude less than what strikes Italy / Bosnia / Romania — M3.0 range earthquake(s) are expected on the English channel in North France.

Central America + South America are due to be impacted heavily over this coming week due to the multiple new deep M5.0+ earthquakes in the West Pacific.   Expect Ecuador and Chile to be struck again by upper M5.0 to lower M6.0 range activity, and expect swarms in the M4.0 range.   Both countries should be warned at the tip of each large red arrow.

North America / Canada / Alaska must keep watch off the coast of Oregon near Northwest California for M5.0+ earthquake activity due to the lack of any movement being reported, and due to the “slow slip” which is now picking up in pace.  Southern California should be impacted by M4.0+ earthquake activity near the pumping operations surrounding downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Intermountain states are going to be hit hard this week, expecting movement near Yellowstone in the upper M4.0 to lower M5.0 range, as well as Colorado + Oklahoma to reach near M4.0, and Texas to stay in the M3.0 range near Fort Stockton.

To the East of the midwest, the New Madrid sesimic zone (NMSZ) should be struck by M3.0 activity followed on the East coast by upper M2.0 to lower M3.0 earthquakes striking as far North as Massachusetts.