11/17/2017 — Southern California on Earthquake Watch — West Pacific large EQ warning

View the most current seismic update video explaining the West Coast California earthquake warning, and the large West Pacific Earthquake warning:


November 17, 2017

South America has been hit, and Southern California is on an earthquake watch for the next 3 days.

After the noteworthy progression of earthquakes across the West Pacific just one day ago (Nov. 16), today seismic pressure has spread across the whole of the entire Pacific, and impacted South America as expected.

Above: November 17, 2017 – 110am central US – Deep earthquakes seen raised high off the globe in the West Pacific pressed to the East and caused new noteworthy activity at the tips of the large red arrows at the “impact zones” on the West Coast of South America. This was forecast to occur on the 15th, and was expected to occur today (Nov 16-17).

The earthquake forecast for this week called for South America to be struck near the tips of both large red arrows coming across the Pacific from where the deep earthquakes originated. (deep earthquakes seen raised high off the globe)

On top of this weeks weekly earthquake forecast, additionally, South America was again warned in the earthquake update from November 16th.

The areas were warned one day ago, and are currently being hit now just one day later.

The greater seismic force, which was talked about in detail during the most current earthquake update video, has progressed from the West Pacific all the way across to the East Pacific in approximately 48-72 hours time.

As expected, the Americas are beginning to show an impact coming from the push out of the far West Pacific , and now a sudden increase in seismic activity has struck across the Western coasts of South America measuring above M5.0 in size.

South America was specifically warned in last nights update, the details are explained in the article released a day ago seen here:



In addition to South America, both Central and North America are also seeing an increase in seismic activity.

Areas along the West coast of the United States, and Central American should keep watch for the potential increase to have an effect within days , towards the start of this coming week.

We are currently watching SOUTHERN California for M4.0 to M4.5 earthquake activity off the coast of Santa Barbara most likely, as well as far to the Northwest off the coast of the United States (Oregon) for a potential release in the upper M5.0 to lower M6.0 range.

The midwest United States should be prepared for one magnitude less than what strikes the West Coast / California… meaning watch for midrange M3.0 to lower M4.0 over the next several days.

Please keep watch, and have an earthquake plan.

Remember, knowledge is power!  Don’t be scared, be prepared.