1/01/2015 — Progression of earthquakes across the North Pacific in 24 hours time — 3,800 miles of related events

Take a look at this graphic of the past 24 hours of earthquakes 4.0M and greater.

Does anything stand out to you the reader (viewer)?

24 hours of earthquakes see it jan 1 2015

You may (or may not) have noticed the line of earthquakes spaced evenly from South Japan to West Alaska.  All happening in the 4.0M+ range within 24 hours time.   Clearly earthquakes are progressing across a vast area over a short amount of time.

This turns all of geology, and seismology teaching on its head!

Take a look, and see for yourself , the past 24 hours of earthquakes (up to 5pm CST January 1, 2015) shows a steady progression of earthquakes equidistantly spaced over 3,800 miles.

24 hours of earthquakes see it jan 1 2015 3800 miles

“Modern” Geology, and Seismology still incorrectly says that earthquakes in one region are NOT related to earthquakes in another region.  To add insult to injury, this commonly taught dogma also says that one earthquake cannot cause another earthquake elsewhere.

This incorrect “belief” , that earthquakes are not related across vast areas, has been taught as fact to most Geologists, and Seismologists.

The evidence / facts clearly contradict these dogmas, therefore the incorrect science needs to be fully dethroned from modern day teaching.

The only way to dethrone dogma is to show everyone the contradictory evidence.  Thus an animated .GIF of earthquake progression happening over 24 hours is born!  🙂

The progression is obvious… as seen below:

earthquake progression 24 hours jan 1 2015
Above: 24 hours of earthquakes up to Jan. 1 2015 515pm CST.. most recent earthquake in green. Watch in reverse order from oldest to youngest. The oldest starts in South Japan.. then moves to Alaska, then to the 5.1M off the coast of California, then heads back the other direction, terminating South of Japan with the green marked earthquake. This proves earthquakes DO progress across vast areas, and are related to one another… distance is 3,800 miles, which shows movement in BOTH directions over 24 hours, thus a total distance of pressure transfer back and forth of 7600 miles within one day’s time. The pressure movement back and forth along the edge of the Pacific plate produced equidistant spaced 4.0M+ events across the entire area moving.